Message From CEO

Green Globe is uniquely positioned itself to offer people healthy products so that they could continue their drinking habit with joy rather than worrying about their own health and for future generations. We aim to provide the world with the reliable and best products and services side by side maximizing the value for greater stakeholders. We thrive to lead the industry and sincerely hope that our stakeholders will continue to extend their support to us for many years to come.

I am proud and inspired by the way our company has risen so far – with flexibility, resilience, courage, and a caring heart. I would like to recognize in particular our frontline employees and factory workers; your commitment and your discipline are critical to achieving our vision and mission. It is our priority to support you in this important endeavor. Also, I want to highlight the immense support of our customers and partners throughout this journey. Your continuous trust and love for our products are imperative. I can assure you that we continue to deliver our promise with our core values: passion, accountability, innovation, teamwork, and quality.

We also offer products that represent the brand of our partners. Production under a private label entails producing goods according to the strictest standard and technical requirements of a client. Our restless monitoring of the whole manufacturing process starting from the supply of the finest raw materials through the production to the delivery ensures the highest standard you deserve. The bottom line is that we create VALUE for our partners. You rely on our product development, manufacturing process, and operational expertise, which you can’t get anywhere else. We try our best to deliver your expectation. We strongly believe, when we create value for our partners, we create value for our stakeholders.

Finally, let me add a personal note. Along with everyone else at Green Globe, I am working hard to deliver our priorities. We will be with you every step of the way. Thank you for your enormous support and contributions. Let’s work together.
Thank you !!
Farid Tayub
Director & CEO
Green Globe uk Ltd