Green Globe is a company that specialises in importing and marketing food and natural health beverages from around the globe. Our objective is to provide quality natural health products under our ‘green’ company ethos. We are true champions for natural health and wellness, and strongly believe wellness can be obtained though consuming the right healthy natural foods and drinks. Our business started back in 2012, has subsequently grown from strength to strength. Popularity is growing rapidly with cash & carry suppliers, health food stores, retails stores as well as specialised ethnic markets and shops. Our Aloe flavoured drinks have recently been re-branded and relaunched and we hope you enjoy their new look.
Food and beverages are all sourced from the highest quality producers and manufacturers around the globe.

All our products are especially made for us and for export  by FDA approved and many world class certification ,processing and bottling facility.

Currently Aloe vera infused drinks and sparkling fruit beverages are one of the fastest evolving sectors of the UK beverage market massive acceptance of the products with major retailer and a heightened awareness by consumers. We can see this trend looks to continue.

Along the way, importers, distributors and retailers have demanded and incentivized us to develop our own branded product lines. Our brands include several high-quality healthy beverage products that are taking the market by storm:Green Globe aloe juice drinks,Green Globe sparkling beverages,Hydro coco.

Our Aloe drinks differ from other leading Aloe Vera brands as our products contain far more actual Aloe leaf, with a high content pulp. This means our products offers consumers a much stronger dose of Aloe compared to some other UK brands.
Green Globe sparkling beverages taking a huge market in soft drinks because true delicious taste and innovative clear transparent cans concept. We adding more new food and drinks to our portfolio .